Autistici is David Newman. He's from Sheffield, UK and has released works on a variety of excellent labels from 12k through to Hibernate. He runs the rather fabulous Audiobulb label, as well as the Audiomoves digital distribution service. His album 'Amplified Presence' on Home Normal was a bit of a sleeper hit at the end of 2011, with Japanese stores in particular eventually lapping up an album of micro-detailed melodies, found sounds and organic rhythms. The album was highly regarded as one of the best albums of the year in the press, and broke the mould in the somewhat saturated 'drone scene' at the time. He followed this up with a very well received album ('Beneath Peaks' on our friends at Hibernate in 2012). His new album (a collaboration with Justin Varis), will be out as a double-disc release (including some amazing remixes) on our sister label Nomadic Kids Republic later in the year.

To follow Autistici's work please go to his regularly updated site:

Here's a short video for Autistici's 'Religion of Water and Air' (from 'Amplified Presence'):

 There's a really great Autistici mix for the lovely Futuresequence magazine you can stream here:

Mix 12 - Autistici/Audiobulb by Futuresequence on Mixcloud

You can stream, share and buy 'Amplified Presence' here:

Please check out the unmastered version of 'Blue (Heart Of A Diver)' from the forthcoming Autistici & Justin Varis album 'Nine' here: