Astrïd are a rather wonderful group from France. They performed at the recent HomeNormalism festival and blew everyone away with their incredibly organic, transfixing music. Together with Sylvain Chauveau they make music as Butterfly In The Snowfall, and their self-titled debut will be out on Home Normal later in the year.

Here's a little more information about Astrïd:

Cyril Secq (1973) : guitars, piano, Rhodes, analog synths, harmonium, sound objects.

Yvan Ros (1969) : drums, percussions, harmonium, Rhodes, double-basse.

Vanina Andréani (1974) : violin, Rhodes, harmonium, kalimba.

Guillaume Wickel (1977) : clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, Rhodes, harmonium

Formed in 1997 around Cyril Secq and Yvan Ros, as a guitar/drums duet, astrïd has stabilized with succesive arrivals of the violinist Vanina Andreani (1998) and the clarinettist Guillaume Wickel (2005). astrïd’s music takes its roots in improvised music, 70’s folk and jazz, classical and contemporain music, from Ravel to Arvo Pärt. From 2007, the group lives and works between Nantes and Marseille (France). astrïd has mostly played in atypical places (theaters, dance places, churches …), and has shared the stage with Rachel’s, Balmorhea, Gregor Samsa, … astrïd has worked with videasts, choregraphs and on the Guillaume Paturel’s short films trilogy NYC 3.

Cyril Secq also played with Charles-Eric Charrier (Oldman), Mathias Delplanque (Floating Roots Orchestra), That Summer. astrïd also played and recorded with Sylvain Chauveau and Rachel CGrimes (Rachel’s). Yvan Ros and Guillaume Wickel play together with the group GGYBS.

This is 'La Foulée' by Astrïd, from their album '&' in 2008:


Music for, LP/CD, Arbouse Recordings, 2004. &, 2xLP/2xCD, Arbouse Recordings, 2008.

High blues, CD, Rune Grammofon, 2012

Compilations Bucolique vol. 2, Arbouse Recordings, 2003. Le Chant des batailles (in link with the book « La Révocation de la pensée »), Arbouse Recordings, 2007. Musique pour statues menhirs, Arbouse Recordings, 2009. Erik Satie et les nouveaux jeunes, Arbouse Recordings, 2011.

Listen to one of the tracks from their collaboration with Sylvain Chauveau as 'Butterfly In The Snowfall' here: