Andrew Hargreaves

Andrew Hargreaves is the solo secret moniker of...Andrew Hargreaves. OK, so not really secret, but Andrew also releases work as Tape Loop Orchestra, The Boats, Beppu, Theodore And Hamblin and The Sea. We met each other through his Boats partner in crime, Craig Tattersall. Don't ever go record shopping with really...unless you have a portable chair, tent and sleeping bag to hand. Plus don't ever let him start telling a story or you might end up wetting yourself. In a former life Andrew was a comedian. He's from Burnley, so we have to make light of our situations at times after all.

Andrew and Craig keep a pretty up-to-date blog here on Tumblr:

This is a rather fabulous film for Tape Loop Orchestra's 'I Was Born When She Kissed Me':

And here's a track from Andrew's record 'Small Fragments' called 'Just Us Together':

You can stream, share and buy 'Words Are Something Else' by The Boats here:

You can stream, share and buy 'Sleepy Insect Music' by The Boats here: