092 Ouvala 'Psychology of Colour'


Artist: Ouvala

Title: Psychology of Colour

Release date: October 15th, 2016

Catalog Number: homen092

Genre: ambient, electronica, drone, electronic

Edition: Digital (Ltd Edition CD released on Fluid Audio on 07/08/16)


01 The Secret Song of the Sea

02 Microspa

03 Vowels

04 Adaptations to Darkness

05 Symbols

06 The Creature At Bay

07 The Pursued Souls

08 Decay Satan, Decay!

09 Psychology of Colour I

10 Psychology of Colour II

11 Tsingi


Ouvala is Ian Hawgood and Tim Martin 

All pieces written and performed by Ian Hawgood and Tim Martin 

Mastered by Antony Ryan (ISAN) at RedRedPaw

Prints/Collages commissioned by Nieves Mingueza 


Originally released on limited edition CD on Fluid Audio on the 8th of July, 2016.

Massive thanks to Dan and Jess for their support and love


The Ouvala project has been in gestation since late 2009. Initially the work involved reels and reels of old synth and re-worked sampling I made and promptly left in storage for around a year. This storage suffered from severe damp and after trashing most of the reels due to decay I decided to try and listen to what could be salvaged. I ended up using a variety of very old smaller reel to reels, and notably found myself mixing down ideas from these decayed tapes onto my faithful Popular 400.

During the time Tim and I worked on the material for one of our other projects (Black Elk), we started working on these rather haunted evaporating tones and melodies, and something just clicked for us. Over the next couple of years we layered and re-edited the tracks, again placing them through the process of quite random mixing back onto master reels. After a lot of love and care, we handed over the live mixed final work to our dear friend Antony Ryan (ISAN) to clean up and master. 

The resulting work is a labour of love, and also one of the most unique and natural ways a project could come about. It is with great pride that we will be releasing this with another dear friends' label in Fluid Audio. The packaging Dan is working on/designing will include strips of the miles of recording tape that were stored away and eventually used over all these years. These reels will include original recordings, samples, and mix-downs from the various stages of development that we used to construct this album. The video here is just one of the many reels which contain samples used in the very first recording and storage session before they were housed away. I hope you enjoy the work we have all spent so much time on, as this really has been a labour of love for all those involved. 

Thank you.

Downloadable Sampler (Press the button to stream. Click through to download):