084 Various Artists '日本'

Cat no: homen084  Artist: Various Artists Album: 日本 Release Date: 25/12/15 Format: Digital (16 track download + 100 page photo book pdf ‘Snapshots of Japan’ by Ian Hawgood) 

Press Release: 

日本 is essentially a sampler of music we released in 2015. It was a huge year for us as we had to move from Japan back to the UK, and weren't sure if the label could survive the move. But survive it most certainly has, and we've finally been able to gather our thoughts and memories as we absorb just how much Japan has meant to us. 

HN was founded in Japan, and is still run from Japan in many ways. This album is a thank you to a wonderful country, amazing people and friends, and to you for all your support along the journey so far. Without you we would never have continued to put out music that is so dear to our hearts and souls. It is also a huge thank you to the artists who continue to put their music and faith in a tiny little label that never pushes itself on people too much. We know you could release in less subtle ways, but choosing to work with us from the heart means so much and is the reason we do this. 

The cover image was taken from one of our favourite places in Japan (that's secret), whilst hanging out on the Black Elk tour with Danny Norbury and Clem Leek. From the haze over the green, to the smoke streaming from the hills, and the temples above us, this is what Japan means to me. Beyond the urban sprawls is a magical world of old spirits and reflection, quite unlike anywhere else I have had the fortune of ever living in or travelling to before. 

Included in your download exclusively here is a pdf booklet of random photos from our time in Japan entitled 'Snapshots of Japan'. There are over 100 images which seem to capture the wonder that is this amazing country, and all just simple snapshots of various places we know and love. For those who have been to Japan before, this will hopefully re-capture the spirit of your time there in whatever capacity. And for those who have never been but think the images look nice: go and experience it for yourself as it is truly a magical place you can only begin to understand by being there, and absorbing as much as possible. 

Thank you x HNIH 


01 Cass. - You on my mind

02 Gurun Gurun / Pawn (Hideki Umezawa) - Atarashii hi (Pawn / Hideki Umezawa remix)

03 Konntinent (with Chantal Acda) - Tensile Strength

04 Melodía - Luna (en el hotel Am Bad, Tübingen)

05 David Cordero - Hondartzape - Mundaka

06 fifto - this curved

07 Elian - Harrowgate 3

08 Christopher Hipgrave - Glittering flecks scattered

09 Stefano Guzzetti - All our days

10 juxta phona - metaphysical fashion statement

11 Fabio Orsi - Just For A Thrill 5

12 Gurun Gurun - Itsuka no Hoshi / Hia

13 Olan Mill - Happiness Allergies

14 Le Berger - fgaow-∏wrg

15 Hotel Neon - The Eye's Mind


All music by HN artists 2015. 

Photography and track selection by Ian Hawgood. 

'Snapshots of Japan' by Ian Hawgood and all images are copyright protected. Please don't use these without express permission. 

Copyright © Ian Hawgood - All rights reserved


All images copyright © ian hawgood 2016 - all rights reserved