083 Juxta Phona 'We Will Not Be Silence'

Cat no: homen083 Artist: juxta phona Album: we will not be silence Release Date: 20/02/15 (Japan) / 06/03/15 (World) Format: 500 x CD edition. Locally cultivated and harvested materials include washi A5 wrap with 12 page booklet designed by Jason Corder

Press Release: 

juxta phona is one odd-balled brain child of producer jason corder - a man of many musical facets.  juxta phona is also an ongoing communal collaboration with many talented allstars such as ian hawgood, matt yarington, morgan packard, gurun gurun, colin campbell, and a slew of other open minded cameos.  jason has spent years producing and collecting sounds under various monikers such as offthesky and color cassette - each exploring and focused within it's own unique right.  for juxta phona, he tight-rope walks the intermittent lines between crafty beat action and washy melody, all tangled up with a wonderfully playful spirit. 

jason began exploring music from a young age attempting to create textures and melodies via antique tracker software.  he is a self taught guitarist and enjoys experimenting with new production techniques when he's not performing his music live.  he is an avid collaborator and relentless producer who feels that sleep is best done when one is dead.

thank you.




01 we are the shakers of the world 02 metaphysical fashion statement 03 alleyway angelwitch way 04 to the top of the trough 05 faster still 06 passive makes perfect 07 we will not be silence 08 by lone sea breakers 09 we are the shakers (escaping animals remix)

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