081 Stefano Guzzetti 'Leaf'


Cat no: homen081   Artist: Stefano Guzzetti    Album: Leaf   Release Date: 05/03/16

Format: Digital

Press Release:

‘Leaf’ is the new work by Stefano Guzzetti and it’s inspired by one of the most common things we can find in everyday’s life.

Seen from a distance, a leaf is just a little piece of green; small and unrelevant like one of the thousands days of an entire life. But if we get closer and pay more attention, a bigger world will disclose to us, revealing inner structures and paths, some wider and strong, some others thin and frail. Like our everydays actions and events we stumble on. Everything could happen in a sudden, making us realize we’re nothing compared to nature’s plans. In the end we’re little delicate things. Like leaves.

‘Leaf’ is for piano and different ensembles. It has been produced in mid 2014 and has been tracklisted by Ivo Watts-Russell.

The Japanese version of ‘Leaf’ will be exclusively licensed to P*Dis / Inpartmaint Inc. while the EU and USA editions will be released by Stefano Guzzetti’s own imprint, Stella Recordings, and digital with Home Normal.

This album is the first work by Stefano Guzzetti that will start his publishing relationship with Mute Song Ltd.




01. Womb (3:04)
02. While you sleep (3:14)
03. All our days (4:02)
04. Psalm in A minor (6:24)
05. Mother (3:20)
06. Shoreline (3:48)
07. Feather (1:39)
08. Waiting (3:26)
09. Quiet fracture (4:52)
10. Sospesa (3:29)
11. Saliva (4:10)
12. Silently leaving (5:10)
13. To the end (2:10)



Stefano Guzzetti. Piano, glockenspiel, field recordings, sine waves
Simone Soro. Violin
Francesco Pilia. Viola
Gianluca Pischedda. Cello
Sebastiano Dessanay. Double bass
Lorenzo Baldoni. Clarinet

Written, scored and produced by Stefano Guzzetti from January to May 2014
Mastered by Ian Hawgood

A big thank you to Ivo Watts-Russell for sequencing this album in such a beautiful way and to Shinsaku Ohsaki for kindness and collaboration

Published by Mute Song Ltd. / Fuji Pacific Music, Inc.

All tracks copyright protected. All rights reserved.
(P) + (C) 2016 Stella Recordings / Home Normal under exclusive license to Inpartmaint Inc.

EAN/UPC Barcode. 4532813535616

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*NOTE: The Brooklyn Bridge vinyl and Stella Recordings CD versions will be available for pre-order soon.

Stefano Guzzetti will perform a unique one-off show with the talented ensemble of Danny Norbury, Christoph Berg, and Patricia Ramirez Reinoso in London on the 5th of March, 2016. On the night we will also have a solo set from the highly-regarded German composer Christoph Berg, whilst the cellist Danny Norbury will be joined by Home Normal curator Ian Hawgood.

The whole event will be recorded for release by Ian Hawgood and Ed Hamilton, and is due to be attended by many wonderful label and artist friends from all over Europe. Tickets are £10 advanced and on the door, with pre-order tickets offering early 7pm entrance and a CD of exclusive material by the artists performing on the night.

For links to pre-order tickets and the exclusive CD please go to one of the links here:

Home Normal Shows (http://homenormal.com/shows) 

Home Normal Bandcamp (https://homenormal.bandcamp.com/merch/stefano-guzzetti-ensemble-christoph-berg-danny-norbury-ian-hawgood-concert-ticket-exclusive-cd)

EventBrite (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/stefano-guzzetti-ensemble-christoph-berg-danny-norbury-ian-hawgood-tickets-21078236573)

We Got Tickets  (http://www.wegottickets.com/event/348912)


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