078 Altars Altars 'Small Hours'


Artist: Altars Altars

Title: Small Hours

Release date: August 23rd, 2016

Catalog Number: homen078

Genre: ambient, folk, drone, electronic

Edition: 500 x four panel recycled card CD


1. Joanna’s Lullaby

2. Small Hours

3. Family’s Downstairs

4. Balu


all music written by altars altars in essen in autumn 2015. 

mastered by ian hawgood. 

photography by dominic kreutzer. 

design by christian roth and ian hawgood.


I was first made aware of the wonderful music of Altars Altars with his collaborative track on 2015’s ‘Magical Magical’ by Cass. As I delved a little deeper into his back catalogue,  I came across a series of super releases that had very limited cassette, 7” and CD(r) runs. The ‘Colour Loops’ albums really caught my eyes and ears, and no sooner had I started really getting into these, Altars Altars released his excellent ’1864’ album (again on cassette), and I couldn’t help but invite him to release something for Home Normal.

The work of Moritz Leppers, the man behind the Altars Altars moniker, makes music using a variety of instruments running through his faithful old reel to reel machine. Much has been made of reel to reel in recent years it has to be said, but when you come across an artist who uses its limitations and beautiful randomness to such effect, it always stirs something deep within me. It is very refreshing to hear someone who makes simple, melodic, and inherently soulful ambient music, and it is a reminder of how rare it is to listen to such music and really feel connected when people play around far too much with computers, software, and plug-ins. Taking a few steps back and letting the music breath in such an organic way really has much deeper meaning for me.

Through these limited means, Altars Altars has created a sun-drenched beauty of an album, that hums, buzzes, and whirs away its innocent melodies in a childlike dream world. We welcome you to the wonderful but humble music of Altars Altars in his ’Small Hours’. 

Thank you.

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"A half an hour continuing the mastery of ambient haze lifting off magnetic tape and peacefully drifting into you consciousness. Four tracks on this cd, two long and two short. A mix between sparkling light dancing across the water surface and becoming mesmerized by a wonderfully droning moment in natural existence. All four tracks are very different but combine exceptionally well making Small Hours way to short in time of play" 

- Lost in a Sea of Sound 

"Delicate constructs created from tender guitar lines and gauzy, warbly drones. An album of deceptive simplicity and sheer beauty even as it reminds the listener to be present in the moment" 

- Stationary Travels