070 Le Berger 'Music for Guitar & Patience'

Cat no: homen070  

Artist: Le Berger

Album: Music For Guitar & Patience

Release Date: 27/10/15

Format: 500 x glass mastered CD with vintage-style leather matte case, litho print recycled inlay, handmade washi insert. 

Press Release: 

“The two go hand in hand like a dance: chance flirts with necessity, randomness with determinism. To be sure, it is from this interchange that novelty and creativity arise in Nature, thereby yielding unique forms and novel structures.”  ― Eric Chaisson

Random occurrences. Sunlight bursting through treetops. Accidental beauty. These things are not just confined to nature and landscape.

Le Berger is Montreal native Samuel Landry. Deeply moved and inspired by Ithaca Trio’s Music for Piano & Patience, he sought out to make new material, choosing to work with methods that he felt were similar. Unused guitar samples from fifteen years ago became the sole source material, providing the album with a wistful, folky kind of ambience. While ambient textures provide a blissfully drowsy background, the guitars evokes and mirrors the calm feeling of leaves rustling in the breeze, or light on the ocean exploding into millions of individual flecks as the waves come in to shore. As random as they may be, it never startles the listener. It is music mirroring life. 

 A work born from a marriage of chance, randomness and composed elements, it results in Le Berger’s most evocative and poetic work to date.

Words by Fuzz Lee




I - sfojg=owfE

II - fgaow-∏wrg

III - sgfoj;dfsgoj;bdgafe


Acoustic guitar & patience provided by Le Berger with the electric guitar help of Stefan Christoff on sgfoj;dfsgoj;bdgafe. 
Mastering & kindness provided by Ian Hawgood. 
Cover photography found by Samm Bennett, source and subject unknown. 

Title & concept tributary in some form to Oliver Thurley. 
This & that. 
For Lou, with some due respect. 
©Le Berger 2015 

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