067 Giulio Aldinucci 'Goccia'


Cat no: homen067
Artist: Giulio Aldinucci
Album: Goccia
Release Date: 30/09/16
Format: 500 x Glass-mastered CD with:
*recycled four panel insert to front
*handmade washi insert to outer
*all housed in a portrait style matte card digipak
*hand-embossed printing + some extra uniqueness for each package hidden inside :)

Press Release:

According to some people, press releases are about trying to get across what an album is like in a few short words. Well, you have samples to give you a clue for that, and frankly, whatever I write in this moment won’t cover my love for the work of Giulio Aldinucci. Yes, I use the word ‘love’, and sure, I like to gush about the work we are lucky enough to put out. But when it comes to something as divine as ‘Goccia’, I’d just be direct and tell the more cynical of us to deal with…it really is ok to be reverential of an artist when something this good is made.

In 2012, Giulio released ‘Tarsia’ on Nomadic Kids Republic to critical acclaim. It was a slow burner for us, but seemed to hook people with its clever entwining of encapsulating melody and delicately place field recordings. His follow-up ‘Goccia’, takes a rather thunderous step in the direction of a bang-on classic with one of the most complete, catchy, and ambitious albums I have heard in a long time. Far more straight-up rhythmic that his previous releases, ‘Goccia’ balances organic layers with some fantastic melodic synth hooks, flying straight through a maze of frequencies from drones, bleeps, bloops, background music, jingles, jangles, gut-punching subs, and whatever else he can.

As a lover of all things warbled and grainy, it is so nice to hear an artist able to cross between music which is absolutely crystal clear, whilst also juxtaposing such tones with wonderfully filthy mids in places, quite free from the parameters ambient nerds stick to (namely, choosing one or the other…’never cross the streams!’). By the time we get to the serene ending of the album (‘the frequencies…oh, the frequencies!), Giulio Aldinucci has thrown everything at us in one complete, perfectly formed album. All I am left to do is marvel at this brilliant artist’s depth of perception and artistry, and I think it is about time a good few more folks did as well.



Track List:
01 The Rule Of Forgetting
02 Immobile, blu
03 Los ojos de
04 Rondine
05 Apart
06 Candles (Tuscany, Spring)

Composed, performed, mixed and produced by Giulio Aldinucci
Voice on tracks 1 and 4: Nadia Bredice

Mastering and design by Ian Hawgood
Cover art by Peter Nejedly

Downloadable Sampler (Press the button to stream. Click through to download):