066 Hotel Neon 'Hotel Neon'

Cat no: homen066 Artist: Hotel Neon Album: Hotel Neon Release Date: 16/01/15 (Japan) / 23/01/15 (World) Format: 500 x CD edition using locally cultivated and harvested washi stock including unique vintage slide and photograph.

Press Release:

Formed somewhere between Washington, D.C. and Wilmington, DE during the early months of 2013, Hotel Neon is the musical brainchild of twin brothers Michael and Andrew Tasselmyer. Their self-titled debut was released in the summer of 2013 on cassette in an edition of 100. Over the past year and a bit, the album has gained a band of loyal fans who were lucky enough to buy these hand-made little gems, and as word has spread we just so happened to stumble across this album very randomly indeed.

Much like the music, Michael and Andrew are wonderfully understated when noting the album came about through simple means: a usb recording device, cheap guitars, effects processors, and a computer. Yet the result is really quite something, as a good few people have now started to notice. The titles would suggest a quite dark affair as the album stretches from ‘A Lament‘ under ‘The Crushing Weight’, and ending its path with ‘Lowly’. And yet, the album, whilst thunderous in nature, is an astonishingly effective, soul-stirring work with unbridled joy at its very core.

When we heard it, apart from enjoying it solidly for a good few days, we decided to play around with twin decks to focus on the beautiful lows that were hidden within. Through tape saturation the lows became beautifully transparent giving us a deeper focus to the work, and hopefully an album that contains with it that stirring element of something glorious yet hidden within the recesses of the mind’s eye.

Restraint over haste. Perception over presumption. Awareness over intent.

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Andrew and Michael Tasselmyer with a 2-track USB recording device, assorted cheap guitars and effects processors, and a personal computer in Wilmington, DE.

Re-mastered by Ian Hawgood.




1. A Lament
2. Dust and Drag
3. The Crushing Weight 4. The Eye’s Mind
5. Deprivation
6. Confines
7. Lowly 

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