064 Wil Bolton 'Bokeh'

Cat no: homen064 Artist: Wil Bolton Album: Bokeh Release Date: 29/08/14 Format: CD in single recycled card insert placed inside 7" locally cultivated washi cover, including unique vintage slide and photograph

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Press Release:

Wil has been a dear friend and collaborator now for many years, quite a bit before Home Normal even came into existence. We've watched in wonder at Wil's development from his electronic work as Cheju, to running his wonderful Boltfish label, and in more recent years, his super releases on the ever quality Hibernate and Time Released Sound labels. His installation work has seen him work around the UK, as well as maintaining a strong connection to South Korea, and this summer he will even be here in Japan.

'Bokeh' is one of those lovely records that doesn't really hit you straight away to be honest. That, though, is the beauty of Wil's works. From very subtle beginnings you are left to uncover wonderful variances, discovering new elements coming to the fore with each listen.

The Japanese ボケ味 ('boke-aji') relates to a 'blur quality', and has in time come to be known as a photographic technique by which 'out-of-focus' points of light are processed by certain lenses. You can get 'good' or 'bad' bokeh which often refers to the level of distraction in the image, with the good of course, enhancing the image somehow in its own mysterious way.

Indeed, bokeh is regarded as an 'optical abberation'. To steal a final quote: 'Aberrations occur because the simple paraxial theory is not a completely accurate model of the effect of an optical system on light, rather than due to flaws in the optical elements.' Isn't that a wonderful way of looking at things in life itself? As a sort of bokeh perspective. There are no completely accurate models for how we view things, and 'Bokeh' perfectly demonstrates in its own quiet way just how individual and unique our optics are.

Finally, and to nicely coincide with the idea of 'optics', Wil also created a superb video for the title track of the album which can be seen here: http://vimeo.com/58559268 The setting for the film is an urban environment; a blurred (ok...'bokeh') vision as the watcher seems present but also quietly disconnected from the noise and rush around them. In this simple way the album is perfectly encapsulated, showing the quietude of spirit even in the most urban of environments.

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Written and produced by Wil Bolton 
Mastered by Ian Hawgood 
Photography by Hitoshi Ishihara (attic photograph - http:/attic.cc) 
Designed by togoshi + mondül






01 Bokeh 02 Tremadog 03 1887 04 Sash 05 Pentaprism 06 Moonlight (For Sophie)

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'Fresh from the sonically fecund fields of Home Normal, Wil Bolton's Bokeh is his latest album of gently pulsing, tricked & tweaked, soothing analog/digital haze...Wil always excells at warm drone too and throughout Bokeh, its tonic is ever present.'  Periwinkle Hear and Now

'...le ricche texture di Bolton risultano sempre dotate di una preziosa fragilità, espressa attraverso esili filigrane armoniche, costellate da micro-suoni e loop avvolgenti.' Music Won't Save You / Rockerilla Magazine no.405

'Bolton has done another album of his gorgeous blurry ambience this week...' Norman Records (Weekly Recommendation)