055-059 Various Artists 'Elements I-V'

Cat no: homen0055-059 Artist: Various Album: Elements I-V Release Date: 21/03/14 Format: 5 x CD single packs with vintage slide, washi track sheet and vintage photograph

Press Release

On the 21st of March 2014, we celebrated 5 years of Home Normal with a series of shows in Tokyo in December to the 21st itself at Cafe Oto, London. We also celebrated with a handful of small unique collaborative releases.

The first of these was the 'Prototypes' compilation which was a wonderful sample of a rather huge project the label has undertaken over the past ten years due for full 10-disc release in 2015. The compilation featured unique mixes by Ian Hawgood, Aki Sallas, and Sif Sandersen of work which has seen a group of collaborative artists send reels of music around the world in collaboration over a ten year period. The 'Prototypes' compilation also featured reworked pieces by Home Normal artists Christopher Hipgrave and Tsone.

The second collaborative release is 'Elements I-V' which we quietly released during some downtime in April, and is only now finally making its way more publically to the world. The 5 part compilation features friends old and new to the label, and was our way of saying a huge and heartfelt 'thank you' to everyone who has followed us all this time. To get so many amazing and talented friends involved in a project where we could work as quietly as we liked, as well as donating the proceeds to charity, was an enormous blessing. 

It is with this element of quietude we wish to continue our work, in an industry that whilst losing its footing seems intent on merely shouting ever louder to gain attention. Hidden from sight, but present enough for those who search to stumble across, this is what Home Normal was always intended to be, and is where we always found our true calling. 

So with over 60 artists from our past, present and future involved, this five disc compilation is being used to raise money for The Archway Foundation, The British Heart Foundation, Kalaweit, and Habitat Japan. 

Thanks so much for all your support these past five years x 


Mixed and mastered by Ian Hawgood 

Design by togoshi + mondül


Elements One (地) 

Clem Leek - Fujisan 07:18 

Melodia - La luz de la tarde 06:22 

ghost and tape - Chime 05:06 

Olan Mill - Prone/Supine 09:20 

Islands Of Light - Perla 01:50 

Isnaj Dui - Aerotine 05:10 

The Inventors Of Aircraft - Live at Recursive Space 10:10

Elian - The Magician 05:08 

Ithaca Trio - Saavik 04:20 

Nils Quak - Gestern ist lange her 04:47 

The Green Kingdom - Februa 03:41 

birdt - The I in Mine 04:40

Elements Two (水) 

Darren McClure - Placebo Buttons 07:08 

David Wenngren - Snon foll snabbare an meteorerna 03:39  

Gurun Gurun - Mado 03:59 

Antonymes - Are we there? Is this 20th century? 05:16 

Piiptsjilling - Stienrinner 08:48 

Tobias Hellkvist - Kreep 06:07

Nicolas Bernier - 6pst 03:17 

René Margraff - Where Caffeine Is Taking Me 06:53 

y0t0 - The Island Is A Mighty Fortress 05:35 

Wil Bolton - At The Desert's Edge 07:22 

Spheruleus - Frama 03:48 

Steinbriichel - Flechten 06:02

Stefano Guzzetti - Womb (piano solo) 03:14

Elements Three (火) 

From the Mouth of the Sun - Landfall 05:45 

Segue - Prairie Night 04:58 

Polar M - Faraway Blue 03:07 

Yann Novak - About To Begin 09:52 

Hannu Karjalainen - The Wind Has Carried Us Both To The Same Acknowledgement 08:57 

Ten and Tracer - Molossom 04:38 

Taishi Kamiya - Moving Phase 05:20 

Quinn Walker - Reify 03:57 I

Matteo Uggeri (with Enrico Coniglio and Gaia Margutti) - Family Man 06:42 

Part Timer - Not Gone Yet 04:32

Marsen Jules - il n'ya pas de lune 04:00 

Cookson - Michael 04:52 

Spheruleus - A Wooden Sketch 04:37 

Chronovalve - In Silence 06:50

Elements Four (風) 

Ruhe - The Irish Sea (For Richard) 06:32 

offthesky - '82 Devil's Highway 05:32 

dot tape dot - knifewall 05:40 

Ekca Liena - All Revolve 08:04 

Ed Hamilton - Ayu 05:10 

Astrid - Mosquito 08:55 

Federico Durand - Estrella fugaz 04:30

Fabio Orsi - Train To Rostov 03:20 

The Frozen Vaults - The Great Thaw 05:21 

Isan - Hedge Found 04:14 

Philippe Petit - Ypsilon 03:59 

Gareth Davis - Haroun 05:20 

Giulio Aldinucci - The First Rain 04:50

Elements Five (空)  

Slowcraft - Fallen From Grace 03:56 

The Sly and Unseen - Ash Wednesday 03:42 

Autistici - Sky Garden 07:16 

Pleq and Giulio Aldinucci - The Prelude To 07:45 

Remote_ - Isolate (for Pav) 08:08

Hideki Umezawa + Shohei Amimori - débris dans le jardin 06:54 

Grace Period - There is Love in You 82 (Angel Echoes) 04:18 

Dorosoto - Cavern Galaxy 07:04 

Le Berger - The Hegemony Of Nothingness 05:31

Dom Mino' - A Colour Of Diagonal Nature 05:18 

wndfrm - alpental cascade 10:09 

Danny Norbury - A View Of Fujisan From Kawaguchiko 03:13


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