051 Stefano Guzzetti 'At Home - Piano Book (Volume One)'

Cat no: homen051 Artist: Stefano Guzzetti Album: At Home - Piano Book (Volume One) Release Date: 14/02/14 Format: Four panel matte card CD

Press Release:

Stefano Guzzetti is a highly respected composer, producer and sound designer based in Sardinia. He is perhaps most well known for the work under his Waves On Canvas guise. He studied Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Cagliari and currently produces scores for movies, documentaries and video games.

At Home - Piano Book (Volume One), is, as the title suggests, an album of solo piano works. We already knew about Stefano’s work as Waves On Canvas, but to have the opportunity to work with Stefano on something so stripped down and pure is a real pleasure. Music is often at its most beautiful when stripped down to its bare bones, as this incredibly soulful record will attest.


All music written by Stefano Guzzetti. Mastered by Ian Hawgood. Photography by Marc Atkins (marcatkins.com). Design by Christian Roth




01 To Sleep for a Day 02 The Road To You 03 Harvest 04 Pluvieux 05 Escape 06 Unhappy 07 Little Dreams 08 Haiku 09 That Said


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