049 Ithaca Trio 'Music For Piano & Patience'

Cat no: homen049 Artist: Ithaca Trio Album: Music For Piano & Patience Release Date: 30/11/13 Format: Four Panel Digipak

Press Release:

Ithaca Trio is Leeds based artist Oliver Thurley. He is one of our favourite artists, with notable releases on Hibernate and Under The Spire, as well as his highly praised split with Machinefabriek ‘Par Avion’ in 2010. He is currently studying a PhD in Composition at the University of Leeds, UK.

‘Music For Piano & Patience’ is a beautiful two piece album based on piano loops run through reel-to-reel. It was mastered on degrading 1/4” reels.


Piano & Reel-to-reel performed by Oliver Thurley Mastered on 1/4” by Ian Hawgood Photography by Ian Hawgood Design by Christian Roth


01 Lepidoptera, pt. ii 02 Just Skin


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