034 offthesky vs Kinder Scout 'The Curio Collection'

Cat.No: home n034    
Release date:
 May 31st

Edition: 500 digipack

SOLD OUT, SORRY! (We'll be doing a re-issue of this in a special double remix edition in 2014)

Release description: The following excerpt was recently unearthed amidst the random writings of an un-named author: 

‘The Curio Collection’ comprises the tag team effort of the up-and-coming super-trio ‘Kinder Scout’(Ian Hawgood, Danny Norbury, and Jason Corder) along with the compositional magic of ambient maven ‘offthesky’(Jason Corder).  Curious to note is that Mr. Corder is connected to both groups.  Therefore one must query: is this a hidden bite at humor or did the producer perhaps stumble upon an oddity locked away in an ancient curio that grants the art of cloning?

Upon further investigation of this hauntingly reverent and rhythmic record, quickly revealed are the trappings of offthesky’s signature spells: vibraphone, rolling guitar, soft bells, lilting voicals, and the ever evolving landscape.  According to the accounts of Mr. Corder, much of the color, inspiration and foundation for the songs therein stemmed from afar out of ian hawgood’s personal closet of field recordings, live takes, and processed experiments.  Danny Norbury’s timeless cello paints several pieces to add a majestic and modern-classic effect.   Last but not least Sarah Chung(of Pillow Garden) and Sara Martin’s soft singing cameo about, which adds an anti-ephemeral hue sprinkled atop the ever present time-stained aesthetic.  Each delicate track has the ability to leave the listener with a sense that they’ve just steeped in the light of an occultish cabinet glowing full of arcane mysteries.

~Anon circa 1913

jason corder - arrangement, vibes, guitar, piano, banjo ian hawgood - guitar, piano, vocals, harmonium, mellotron, flute danny norbury - cello + special guests -sarah chung - vocals (track 6), violin (track 5) sara martin - vocals (track 3)

mastered by: miles whittaker & jason corder / cover photography by bernadeth gutierrez (cargocollective.com/bgutierrez), edited by ian and jason / design by christian roth

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