033B Geskia! '323 Sayonara Memories Remixed'

  1. Walking In The Earth Lights (Moshimoss Reshape)0:00Buy Now

  2. R.I.P (lycoriscoris Remix)0:00Buy Now

  3. Walking In The Earth Lights (flica Remix)0:00Buy Now

  4. R.I.P_Colors (fredricson Remix)0:00Buy Now

  5. Timesleep (Pawn Remix)0:00Buy Now

  6. Poem From My Room (Marihiko Hara Remix)0:00Buy Now

  7. Two Oranges (wk[es] Remix)0:00Buy Now

  8. Answer Song (The Anti Hero-Mix) Remix by Go-qualia0:00Buy Now

  9. Requiem For Genome (aus Remix)0:00Buy Now

  10. Two Oranges (yui onodera Remix)0:00Buy Now

  11. Clear Perspective (Taishin Inoue Remix)0:00Buy Now

  12. Two Oranges (polarM Remix)0:00Buy Now

  13. Timesleep (Hakobune Remix)0:00Buy Now

Cat.No: homen033b      
Release date:
 April 27th, 2012 (Japan) / May 4th, 2012 (rest of the world)

All music by Geskia! ©geskia!2012

Photography by Jürgen Heckel (© Jürgen Heckel / sogar@monohr.com).

Mastered by Ian Hawgood

Design by Christian Roth

Release description: This was a very special bonus edition for the first 500 copies of '323 Sayonara Memories' where we decided to invite some of the leading lights in the Japanese ambient and electronica scenes. Remixes are by Japanese luminaries: Moshimoss, Lycoriscoris, Flica, Fredricson, Pawn, Marihiko Hara, wk[es], Go-qualia, aus, Yui Onodera, Taishin Inoue, polar M and Hakobune. It is now available again as a digital download. Please grab a copy below.

‘323 Sayonara Memories Remixed’

01 Walking In The Earth Lights (Moshimoss Reshape)
02 R.I.P (lycoriscoris Remix)
03 Walking In The Earth Lights (flica Remix)
04 R.I.P/Colors (fredricson Remix)
05 Timesleep (Pawn Remix)
06 Poem From My Room (Marihiko Hara Remix)
07 Two Oranges (wk[es] Remix)
08 Answer Song (The Anti-Hero Mix)Remix by Go-qualia
09 Requiem For Genome (aus Remix)
10 Two Oranges (Yui Onodera Remix)
11 Clear Perspective (Taishin Remix)
12 Two Oranges (polar M Remix)
13 Timesleep (hakobune Remix)

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