033 Geskia! '323 Sayonara Memories'

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Release date:
 April 27th, 2012 (Japan) / May 4th, 2012 (rest of the world)

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Released on April 27th (Japan), May 4th (rest of the world), 2012. This will come in an edition of 1500 digipack, with 500 limited bonus edition featuring a very special remix album. Remixes are by Japanese luminaries: Moshimoss, Lycoriscoris, Flica, Fredricson, Pawn, Marihiko Hara, wk[es], Go-qualia, aus, Yui Onodera, Taishin Inoue, polar M and Hakobune.

All music by Geskia! ©geskia!2012

Photography by Jürgen Heckel (© Jürgen Heckel / sogar@monohr.com).

Mastered by Ian Hawgood

Design by Christian Roth

Release description: I was first made aware of Geskia! through a mutual friend of ours; Yasuhiko Fukuzono (Aus). I was instantly hooked on first listen to his wonderful debut on Yas’s Flau label, ‘Silent 77’. His real skill comes in melding electronic/hip-hop/breakbeat with a sense of the organic. At once his work is both beautifully minimal and yet also detailed and filled with imagination and melody.

It has now admittedly been a number of years since we first talked about working together. This has finally culminated in his latest album, ‘323 Sayonara Memories’. To celebrate the release we decided to make a bonus edition of the album featuring loads of Japanese friends and luminaries in the electronic / ambient scene here.

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