003 The Boats 'Words Are Something Else'

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  4. This Song Has Been Intentionally Left Blank0:00Buy Now

  5. I Hope You Get Well Soon, I Hope You Get Well Tomorrow0:00Buy Now

  6. We Sometimes Forget0:00Buy Now

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Cat.No: home n003
Release date:
 June 12th, 2009
Edition number: 1000

Release description:

As the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest. Never the band to rest on their illustrious laurels, or to misinterpret tradition, The Boats deliver a surprise in the form of ‘Words Are Something Else’.
Taking their influence from myriad places has always been a subtle hint toward the Boats current psyche, and using the words deep, and techno, while alluding to their new album is a new, if not slightly fashionable (and disconcerting to tradition) statement. The Boats, fashionable, in the same sentence? Well, not really, but the 4/4 underpinning, and synthesis of almost an ‘acid’ character of most of the album is definitely a new facet of the rough diamond that they’ve shaped over their career.
Speaking of shaping, the ease with which Chris Stewart’s voice is carved alongside the techno sensibilities makes it sound like he should always have been there. Songs like ‘Raindrops (Second)’ hold an almost Beatles-esque vocal harmony scattered and yet held in place by the insistent kick drum, and deft edits that keep the future firmly in mind, while paying homage to the past.
‘I Hope You Get Well Soon, I Hope You Get Well Tomorrow’ dispenses with any ulterior motives, and reminds us of how entrancing the deeper side of techno can be when passed through such a distinctive filter as The Boats have. All their albums have leaning toward classic genres, and melodies, and yet here they pull the same thing off in a genre they’ve never been identified with, to a tee.
Rest assured the faithful followers of the Boats need have no trepidation regarding such a sideways step they’ve taken with this record, as this is a Boats album through and through, but it’s the surprising ease with which they pull off the foray into unexplored territory that really hits home.

Miles Whitakker (Pendle Coven / Demdike Stare)

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‘Although The Boats have graced these pages with numerous releases and side-projects over the last few years, this amazing new album for the fledgling Home Normal label feels like their most fully-realised and essential release to date…a beautifully realised progression from a band that have never failed to catch our attention – now operating with a melodic depth and sonic diversity that for our money surpasses anything they’ve recorded to date. A beautiful album that comes massively recommended – Essential Purchase.’ Boomkat

‘What’s really exciting about this release on the excellent Home Normal label is the way that they’ve melded a selection of sounds to produce something that’s as unusual, in some ways, as it is accessible and beautiful..Superb, wonderful sounds from one of the most exciting new labels of 2009. Essential!’ Smallfish

‘This is simply a really inventive downtempo electronic album with many a hearty nod to the various waves of pioneering, influential spirits without actually really emulating any of them. Home Normal seem to be getting the very best out of their roster of guest artists if these fascinating 10 tracks of brilliantly oddball future techno & outsider electronic pop are owt to go by. Utterly enchanting!’ Norman Records

‘There’s a playfulness at work on Words; these tracks mutate and grow organically rather than relying on an established set of sounds…wonderfully plangent basslines and miniscule sound-treatments that reinforce the idea that this is a record that has been put together with real love…This is impressionistic dance music, full of blind alleys and mysterious paths.’ Fact Magazine

Album of the Week Fluid Radio

moteer や flau からのリリースで人気の the boats。待望のニューアルバムが注目のレーベル、home normal からリリース!! この名義では基本的に繊細で美しいアンビエント路線でしたが、flau からの前作ではよりリズムが使われ、今回はさらになんと四つ打ちのミニマル・テクノになっています! the boats の最大の特徴であるアコースティックな音色はほとんどなく、ミドルテンポのクールなビートがファンの度肝を抜くことは確実でしょう。また彼らの作品によく 参加している Chris Stewart が今回も参加し、彼のヴォーカルが数曲で使用されています。いつも the boats のCDはすぐに廃盤になりますが、今回もプレス数に限りがあるうえ、レーベルのポリシーとして再プレスは行わないようなので、お早めにお求めください。P*Dis

‘Fashionable track titles coupled with catchy micro-beats and -clicks, feeling both like older material from The Boats as well as taking on the feeling of a range of peers, most closely Autechre, Move D and some recent year favourites of mine in NYC at home on Microcosm Music, Goosehound and Found Sound, the likes of Ezekiel Honig’s micro-domestic-life observations and the fun and weird clicks of Someone Else and Mis’Kate and warm and fuzzy brand of micro-electronics, albeit touched up with the grace of Stewart’s blended voice.’ Soundscaping

‘In place of The Boats’ usual somnolent drift, Words Are Something Else finds co-captains Craig Tattersall and Andrew Hargreaves setting off on a spirited sojourn and taking in a variety of scenery along the way…acidy techno boogie ripe for the dance floor—and when was the last time anyone said that about The Boats?’ Textura

‘Words Are Something Else no es solo un golpe de timón en la estela de bocetos de electrónica doméstica salpicada de detalles acústicos en que se ha convertido su discografía con los años, sino un salto hacia la música que aman, pero de la que (hasta ahora) andaban lejos.’ Rock Delux Magazine