October 27th, 2015

Dear friends,

It is finally here. After a lovely 'break' (moving country and making stuff), we are finally back with Le Berger's 'Music for Guitar & Patience'. I have to be honest and say that this has been the most enjoyable release on the labels so far; with the right time taken, the right attitude, and just all round positivity. We took the title quite literally by being very patient in making our nicest package yet, and to celebrate this we can now officially announce that all downloads from our Bandcamp store come with a link to the two sample stems that started this whole album. They loop endlessly so can be used for sleepy time music or for your very own creations. If you make something and want to share it, please send it to me (ian[at]homenormal[dot]com) and if you can be patient ;) we will upload mixes now and then so people can download through the label.

To grab one of the last remaining copies please go here:


I'd just like to go on record to thank Samuel Landry (Le Berger) for being so wonderful to work with as the patient and collaborative nature of this work has really worked wonders. I'd also like to thank Ollie Thurley (Ithaca Trio) for his unending kindness in allowing his wonderful 'Music for Piano & Patience' be such a direct source of inspiration for this album. We will be doing a re-issue of this in 2016 :) You can buy his album here:


'Music for Guitar & Patience' will be out in stores worldwide in late November.

Thank you so much x