As I write this I can't help but pinch myself. On March 31st (Bandcamp) and April 7th (stores worldwide) respectively, we will be releasing the collaborative album 'Skin Tones' by Ken Ikeda and David Toop. Both artists have been huge personal influences for a number of years now, and are two of the foremost names within the world of sound art.

Ken Ikeda is well known for his work on such labels as Touch and Spekk, as well as composing work for David Lynch and Moriko Mori, among others. David Toop is a musician, writer and sound curator, and is well-known for his work with Brian Eno, Bill Laswell, Evan Parker, Scanner, and many more. He curated Sonic Boom, the UK's largest ever exhibition of sound art, displayed at the Hayward Gallery, London, from April to June, 2000. In 2001-02 he was sound curator for Radical Fashion, an exhibition of work by designers including Issey Miyake, Junya Watanabe, Martin Margiela and Hussein Chalayan, held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2001-2002 and featuring music by Björk, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Akira Rabelais, Paul Schütze and others.

’Skin Tones’ is a recording of a collaborative live performance by Ken Ikeda and David Toop that was recorded at Iklectik Art Lab, London on May the 22nd of 2016. The cover art for ’Skin Tones’ was created by David Toop and Rie Nakajima at the Takehisa Kosugi exhibition in the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 2015. The release comes in a 500 edition reverse-board card digipak.

You can stream a sampler of the album from our Soundcloud page below, or by clicking on the cover image you will be taken straight to the Bandcamp link to pre-order the album.


We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their incredible support of our most recent release with James Murray's 'Killing Ghosts'. We have been getting some wonderful feedback about the album as it continues to also gain attention in the press. Here's what a few kind people have to say about the album:

'Killing Ghosts is a naturally-developing and carefully sculpted world of sound. Things cannot be rushed here. Patience is very much a virtue, because thoughtful, considered sound design needs time to breathe and brood. Composed feelings of peace and acceptance permeate the entire album, and it humbly plays on, never retreating towards timidity but rather embracing humility.'

- James Catchpole (Fluid Radio)

'Killing Ghosts est une œuvre d’une rare beauté à manipuler avec prudence et à pénétrer avec délicatesse, mais récompensera ses explorateurs patients et parés à s’y fragmenter. Nulle crainte que cet album sera apprécié à sa juste valeur par ceux qui savent, et restera longtemps le compagnon de ces éternels chercheurs d’ailleurs qui souhaitent secrètement ne jamais le trouver ; car ce qui compte, c’est le voyage et non la destination.'

- Dotflac (Tartine de Contrebasse)

'...personal, emotional, and with unequalled sound design.'

- ambientblog

'Un racconto cesellato con attenzione e cura da Murray, un’immersione affascinante che ne conferma il grande talento.'

- So What Musica

'That Home Normal's Ian Hawgood describes Killing Ghosts as “a genuine highlight in our eight years of existence as a label” says much about the high quality on display, and just as he has done many times before, Murray once again demonstrates a remarkable sensitivity to texture and balance in his creative work.'

- Textura

'...these are not these are not mere abstract soundscapes or pastoral musings. There is an even greater alchemy at work here, a visceral sense of isolation and soul-deep reflection somehow conveyed purely through sound and a complete erasure of the lines between exteriority and interiority as the artist struggles to “make some sense not just of [a] peculiar time, but of each and every day spent without those we leave behind”.  Immersive, captivating, and deeply personal, it is one not to be missed.'

- Stationary Travels

'There are many fine moments to ruminate over here: the vaporous techno daydream of “First Hand”, the enveloping dread of “Living Ghosts”…Murray again proves himself a sound art auteur of rare imagination.'

- Foreign Accents

'Il est certain que tout comme moi, les amateurs de voyages sonores chercheront à se replonger pendant de nombreuses années, dans celui que vient de nous proposer l’artiste.'

- Dive Into Sun

We are so pleased the album has been so warmly received. If you would like to order one of the final remaining copies please go to our BANDCAMP page or go to any one of the lovely stores that stock our music around the world.

Thank you!