June 13th, 2015

Thanks to everyone who grabbed copies of the albums by Gurun Gurun and Konntinent which we released last month. It has been a busy old time of it recently! We will not be releasing any new material for the next few months while we tie up some lovely work for next year, and just tighten up a few things for future shows and films which are in process as we speak. Summer is a good time for a break as well of course. We will still keep up with artist news, shows, and will be uploading mixes and samplers throughout. Lucky members will also be getting some news at the end of July, a good few months before everyone else, about some exciting new work we have lined up.

Thanks so much for everything. Here's the excellent remix by Pawn / Hideki Umezawa for Gurun Gurun. He's been such a wonderful supporter of the label over the years and we think this is the bee's knees x HN