My dear friends,

I haven't dated this post as it will be up until the end of August when we will start telling you about our wonderful new releases, and I will probably elaborate more when I can over this period. The only lie in this is the 'we' as I have taken the decision to stop running Home Normal myself.

Anyone who knows me well will be aware that I have been trying to either close the label or hand the reins over to someone more worthy for a while now. That time is now almost upon us as a handful of amazing friends have been working behind the scenes to take over the label. Given all the work, money, time and love that has gone into Home Normal the past seven plus years, we all agreed it was right to develop it and respect the beautiful work we have been lucky enough to release. A lot of labels are closing their doors these days and it never feels quite right that such music spirits should be locked up or simply deleted from time, and that is something we cannot and will not do.

In a very selfish way, I saw my own part in the label's history and have had a very hard time letting go or even sharing the workload. To be so dedicated to something you have always dreamed about working on, and for it to become real, is a truly wonderful thing. But the part of the journey where you must relinquish your very self and let what you helped to create breath in its own way, with new direction, is an enormous challenge and one I have now taken on board.

Over the past year I have been working with friends, artists and distributors, to make sure the label can grow exponentially with a business model that makes sure everyone is happy. From a label originally meant to just release the odd work for friends, this is an amazing thing. However, it is also something I am not able, nor wish, to do anymore. It has been a privilege to work with so many wonderful people but the current trends of music release and promotion are ones which really are not what I had in mind when I mapped out the labels I wanted to start. There is a different way of behaving and spreading one's work which I cannot agree with or accept if I am to be true to myself, and it is a way that I have found increasingly hard to fall in line with, despite the gentle persuasions of others.

I am really excited about the label's future. Releases are set until early 2018, and we are being supported by some truly talented people who I can't thank enough for the advice and support this year. I am so happy with what we have achieved so far, but am also really very content that I can now go back to making music for myself and enjoying my job without worrying about how late I will have to stay up at night working on this 'second job'. Mostly though, I am looking forward to having family time and my own life back. You just don't get a break when you try to run an expanding label.

I'd like to just thank everyone who has been so personal, true, honest, and loving with me directly, whether they are artists, customers, stores, reviewers, or whoever. It has meant the world. The shows we had were especially beautiful experiences, and it was at the recent Asuna show that I realised it was time. It was one of the most touching evenings, and one I realised wouldn't be topped for sheer love and connectivity between everyone there that night. 

I'd also like to shoot a special thank you to the guys at Morr and P*Dis/ Inpartmaint / Nature Bliss who are amazing people and will continue to support the label as it develops in Japan. I couldn't ask for a better professional and personal relationship in an age of music where things seem a little less than personal these days. They have been, and continue to be, truly fantastic in the work they do so please do support them.

Finally I would like to thank Ben, Jeremy and Christian who really were right there at the beginning of the label. This is where the label came from, and their involvement has been a blessing frankly. They are wonderful, talented, soulful friends, and life is all the better for such relationships. And one such relationship that started right at the beginning of the label's history was that of my wife. We first met up right when the label started and to say she has been patient all these years with my lack of freetime, making her help out with shows which cost us a fortune, and understanding my ability to not sleep for more than 2 or 3 hours a night while I refuse to go to sleep until 4am each night, would be an enormous understatement. Here's to catching up on some long overdue sleep and freetime.

I still very much believe in the spirit of music, and running a label helped to release works that would never have had the audience it did. To develop something so true, and to now leave it to far better people is a beautiful and miraculous thing really, and I can look back on my part in this with huge pride. It has been an honour. 

Thank you. x Ian

'The true joy of a moonlit night is something we no longer understand. Only the men of old, when there were no lights, could understand the true joy of a moonlit night.' - Yasunari Kawabata

Here's a piece on one of my favourite albums from our releases by one of my favourite people. It is a re-working by Federico Durand of a track of mine, and the melody gets me every time. xxx