May 11th, 2016

After a wonderful tour of Japan, a super fun show with ISAN, Paco Sala, A New Line (Related), and R Elizabeth, and an amazing holiday in Sardinia with our dear friends Stefano and Tania, we are finally back. Just very quickly for now, we are excited (and sad) to note that our very brief stay in the UK is soon to come to an end, and we are having a small celebration again at London Fields as we host the genius that is ASUNA and his 100 Toys Tour on June 10th. He will be joined by some long-term friends in the brilliant James Murray and Hybernation, and flying in from Belgium are our dear friends Stijn Hüwels (Slaapwel) with Pieter Dudal (Dauw) for a very special night.

We will be bringing very advanced copies of the new ASUNA album 'Tide Ripples' which will officially be out in July. We will also have copies of the wonderful compilation 'Rough Imaginary' by ISAN, A New Line (Related), Paco Sala, and R Elizabeth, which is due out on the same day as the show itself.

You can purchase tickets directly from us here:

You can buy advanced tickets for just a fiver from our Bandcamp page HERE.

You can buy advanced tickets for just a fiver plus tax from Eventbrite HERE.