Hey guys,

We hope this finds you well after your Easter / Spring hols. :) Just a quick note that we've had a slight delay at our new printers with 'Transparencies' by Ian Hawgood and Wil Bolton. We are really excited to get our hands on this all new package though very soon. We will send orders out as soon as possible but just to keep things safe we have delayed the release officially until the end of May now. You can stream the full album below exclusively on our site. :)

We are also thrilled that we can finally open-up about a very long-term project with HN Digital. :) 

HN DIGITAL is a new side project we've decided to open up to allow us to support friends and artists we love. Each month we will be focusing on one artist and some of their collected works, starting off in April with Stefano Guzzetti who just released his new album 'Alone (night music for piano solo)'.

We've had to keep this under our hats for a while now and it really is a pleasure to be presenting works by so many friends, enabling us to spread more beautiful music than we ever could have done before. You can buy albums directly through the artist's Bandcamp pages, or buy and stream through a number of digital channels as well. Stefano Guzzetti's 'Alone (nightmusic for piano solo)' is available exclusively throughout his tour, his Bandcamp page, and HN Digital NOW.